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When you choose us for your project, we start our intensive discovery and consulting phase. After learning all of your business objectives, we will do all of the heavy lifting to help get the custom solution you need off the ground. We have the experience and the know-how to help you get your project deployed as soon as possible.

We help you make the key technology decisions based on our experience, and your specific needs. Let us help you make the right strategy choices for your business.

Selecting an ideal platform or technology stack can be a daunting task. If your project is in the early stages and you don’t know what the most optimal choice would be, we can help you make all of the key business and technology decisions to ensure that your solution becomes successful.

  • Excel Automation

    We convert your large and complex Excel workbooks to a robust fully automated solution. Dramatically increasing productivity and profitability.

  • System Integrations

    We integrate cloud services into your IT infrastructure. We work extensively with providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, Sage, Sales Force, DocuSign and more.

  • Custom Built

    We build and deploy end-to-end cloud services, mobile and web applications which are simple, scalable and engaging.

  • Validation

    We develop low-cost, quick product prototypes, or proof of concept, to assess technical risks and perform initial market validation.

  • Consultancy

    We work closely with your team to deliver new custom features or entire products – on time, and within budget.


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I’ve known Danny and his excellent team at IceBox for a number of years and have recommended them to many of our clients.

In the last 12 months, we have recommended them to two clients in particular. One business was in manufacturing and the other construction. Both companies had old applications running their businesses, which were slowing productivity. At Clever IT we evaluate each company individually and make recommendations that can save businesses time and money. In both of these instances, we made the introduction to Danny as we felt he could really add value. Following a number of meetings and fact-finding sessions both clients instructed IceBox to design a modern, internet-based, bespoke solution to effectively run their business. Each system was a huge improvement to the old antiquated solutions they were using previously.

Both clients are very happy with the end result and appreciated our recommendation.

Once again we will continue to strongly recommend IceBox for future projects.

Director, Clever IT

At, we are in financial services (stock market research) and sought out IceBox after I had met Danny and he had told me he was a keen stock market investor, and so understood what I was trying to do. We wanted to build a subscription website to sell our research and Danny was easily and quickly able to translate my brief into a working application. Our business is growing well and Icebox are accommodating and understanding when the inevitable changes are required.


After looking around for a company to develop a tailor made spreadsheet for our projects, I decided to use Danny Callan ticked all the boxes, he gave us a very professional service, and price also went above and beyond with what we were looking for would highly recommend the company for the service that they provide thanks, Danny

General Manager, Sheridan Lifts Limited


What are the indications that my business needs custom software?

  • Having to re-enter the same, or similar data into multiple software applications
  • Speed of response to customers and business needs – where data could be supplied by automatic electronic means
  • Working on complex excel documents to extract data.
  • Sending regular notifications to your clients manually
  • Doing tedious calculations on regular intervals to get information out of your business activities

What programming technologies are you experts at?

We have a very wide range of experience. However, a combination of commercial necessity and individual preferences has led to some tools and technologies becoming “company favourites”. This ranges from Microsoft .NET framework, PHP, #C, Java and SQL. IceBoxDesigns also provides specialist I.T. consultancy in three areas: the migration of existing systems to the Microsoft .NET framework, upsizing of Access databases to server-based operation – and on to full web deployment. Lastly the conversion of Microsoft Excel documents to a web based application.

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Of course! Some of our clients want to safeguard their project idea before proceeding with a development company. This is no problem. If you’d like an NDA, we have a good one we can send you.

When is your support available?

We operate to normal UK working hours (8.30am to 5.30pm), unless other arrangements have been made in the terms of our contract or agreement.

How long does it take for IceBoxDesigns to finish the average project?

There is no such thing as an average project length. Some of our projects are small, well-defined, and completed in two weeks, others can take nine months or longer – it all depends on the complexity and scope of the project, and whether revisions have been made to the original brief.

Do you charge by the hour, or bid for entire projects?

We can do both. If you like the flexibility and freedom of “do as I say” and “pay as we go” then we can charge by the hour. However, we also offer fixed bid pricing for very well defined projects. If the project brief is exceeded, then we can always re-quote for any late changes. For some clients, we can also offer a hybrid of both hourly and fixed bidding. In general, we do whatever makes the most sense for our client and the project in question.

Who owns the software that you write for me?

Once the project is completed and paid for the software is owned by you. This means you get everything that is necessary to build, maintain, or extend the software, such as “executable” files, source code, scripts, graphics, audio, project files, etc. However, we do like to retain the right to reuse the source code in future projects, provided it does not contain any proprietary or protected information belonging to you. Obviously, if this is likely to cause a problem, we can customise the terms to your needs.

Do you write software for the Macintosh platform?

Yes. We have skilled developers who can work with either the Windows or Mac platform.

What is your delivery and payment policy?

Our fees are as set out in the Development Proposal and Cost Specification Documents before the start of the project. Invoiced amounts are payable within 15 days of receipt of invoice.

What are the basic steps involved in the creation of a custom software application for my business?

  • Analysing your business’s needs and agreeing the objectives of the custom software
  • Designing a software solution based on the results of the analysis and through client interaction
  • Building the software in line with customer-approved milestones
  • Testing the beta version in your working environment
  • Delivery of the final custom software with all necessary documentation
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